Children transition onto adult benefits from the age of 16. For some families, this process may be confusing, daunting, or stressful. Our welfare benefits advisor can offer you free advice and guidance throughout.

Our support includes:

  • Advice and guidance regarding the completion of PIP application forms.
  • Benefits checks and ensuring that your child is receiving all the benefits they are entitled to.
  • Advice and guidance if your PIP application is rejected.

Who is this support for?

  • Autistic and neurodivergent young people aged 15/16+ or at first PIP application.
  • You may be diagnosed, undergoing diagnosis, pre diagnosis, or self-diagnosed
  • Daisy Chain specialises in strategies and approaches that are compatible with: Autism, ADHD, FASD, Sensory processing differences, anxiety and social and communication differences.

Where does this support take place?

We can meet at Daisy Chain Farm, Daisy Chain Superstore, Libraries, GP Practices. We can also meet virtually.

Enquire or request support

To enquire about this support, email:

To request support using our online referral form, CLICK HERE

To download a copy of our referral form, CLICK HERE



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