Daisy Chain’s benefits service provides specialist, accessible, and person-centred advice and guidance for neurodivergent young people and adults. We will support you every step of the way, including benefit checks, benefit applications, and what to do if your benefits application is rejected.

Daisy Chain specialises in strategies and approaches that are compatible with: Autism, ADHD, FASD, Sensory processing differences, anxiety and social and communication differences. To access this service you can be diagnosed, on the pathway, or self-identify as having a need relating to the listed neurodiversities.

Our clients say:

‘Thanks to the help I received via Daisy Chain I have moved out and gained confidence and independence. Moving out was one of the biggest hurdles in my life but the team made it an easier process, even supporting me through a tough mental health patch after moving out.

‘I am now doing things I never thought I’d achieve, having the confidence to leave the house by myself, learning to drive and thinking about working in the future.’ 


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