Julie says, ‘I’d visited Daisy Chain previously on the Open Days and liked what I saw. I wanted to do something outside or with animals and Daisy Chain gave me both opportunities.

In a few short months Julie has already done a variety of tasks including helping in the barn getting close to animals she has never previously worked with as well as tidying the gardens for day to day use by the children. She’s also helped on an Open Day and tried her hand in retail at the Daisy Chain Superstore.

Julie adds, ‘Volunteering at Daisy Chain doesn’t feel like work. It’s nice to do something that a person or an animal is going to benefit from.’

Three words which sum up Julie’s experience at Daisy Chain are:

  • variety
  • rewarding
  • enjoyable.

Julie would definitely recommend volunteering at Daisy Chain, ‘I personally find it really satisfying helping such a worthwhile cause, after meeting some of the children it’s nice to know I’m helping making it a nicer environment for them. There’s something for everyone to volunteer for. I loved the choice of activities Daisy Chain offered and I know as I get to see more opportunities I’ll be able to support in lots of other ways.’


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