Lucy is 12 years old and she has autism, as well as Downs Syndrome. She uses the services at Daisy Chain regularly and comes for lessons and play.

Her mum, Diane, who attends the Links Group here at Daisy Chain, said, “After having the pressure of Lucy’s condition, and not knowing what to do, coming to Daisy Chain has provided myself and Lucy with support from staff as well as other parents.”

Lucy was attending school full time but found this very difficult as she was struggling with the lessons she was being taught. She wasn’t able to do the work she was given and as a result, was losing her confidence.

However, while attending Daisy Chain, Diane has found Lucy growing in confidence and enjoying learning again.

“I don’t have to explain anything to the staff here, they just understand,” she said.

“Being here is giving her the confidence back that she had before. It gives her more independence because she is away from me.”

At Daisy Chain, Lucy is being taught a tailor-made education programme and skills that will help her with her independence, things such as ironing, shopping and cooking.

Diane said, “Lucy is also the most physical she has ever been and enjoys the soft play. Previously, she would never go in as it was too noisy, but now she loves it. This has been helping with all kinds of things as she is getting better balance and going down the slide, something she would have never previously done.”

Lucy’s confidence has not only grown with getting involved in activities, but she is also becoming much more confident when speaking to people. She is great with names and always introducing people to each other.

She’s particularly confident when talking with adults but is also making friends at Daisy Chain and looks forward to coming here.

Diane has noticed just how much Lucy has come out of her shell – she said, “At first, she was very quiet but is starting to get louder and be more like herself when she’s at home.”

Daisy Chain has given Diane the free time she needs as well as the help, care and support that Lucy needs to ensure she keeps growing and developing.

To find out more about autism and Daisy Chain, download Our Story.


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