Ben is a warm, friendly young man who is easy to talk to and ready to help. As well as volunteering with Daisy Chain, Ben is also involved with other organisations too, usually doing gardening or fencing.

Having always been involved with more manual jobs, Ben welcomed working in the coffee shop as a pleasant change and a chance to learn a new skill set.

It was in August 2016 that his step mum first heard about work placements for adults with Autism and with Ben struggling to find work this seemed like a good option.

While working in the store Ben has been able to actively get involved and loves being there. He enjoys having company and chatting with customers. He says it’s a change from working alone most of the time.

Ben, who has Asperger’s, found that with each place he has volunteered his confidence has gradually grown, this has happened at the Superstore too, but much quicker than usual he has found.

“The cheerful atmosphere of the place has really brought it around” said Ben. “When people look at me no-one thinks I have issues with confidence, but when it comes to new places I feel like a kid again. Being here has rapidly taken away those past feelings. My confidence has skyrocketed, I love it.”

He loves every part of the job and is looking forward to future employment and being able to live independently.


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