Set in a quiet corner of our 5.5-acre site, Daisy Chain’s beautiful garden facilities feature an array of planting beds, greenhouses, and three large polytunnels which allow us to grow and harvest a wide variety of plants, vegetables, and fruit, throughout the year.

Our gardening facilities play host to a range of services and activities for autistic children, young people, and adults, including gardening groups, wildlife clubs, and nature-based wellbeing activities.  In addition to these stand-alone services, gardening-based activities are built into the support packages for almost all of our social clubs and placement services, allowing the majority of individuals who access Daisy Chain’s services to engage with and benefit from this unique facility.

For more information about these services and how to access, please see our website, or email

Unique benefits

In 2021 we carried out a wellbeing survey with some of the service users and volunteers who access our garden facilities.

The results showed that, as a result of spending time in Daisy Chains outdoor and garden areas:

  • 88% felt happier and had more confidence in their own strengths and abilities
  • 96% felt calmer, more relaxed, and more positive about the future
  • 92% felt more confident being around other people

Spending time in our gardens also provides autistic and neurodivergent service users with an array of unique benefits, including:

  • Sensory regulation
  • Sensory stimulation
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Field to fork activities
  • Independence skills
  • Feelings of accomplishment
  • Increased knowledge and skills
  • Experience for a CV
  • Physical activity

Volunteering in our gardens

Our gardens are maintained by a combination of staff, volunteers, and the input from service users. Our garden volunteers are highly valued members of the Daisy Chain community, and we are always looking for new garden volunteers to welcome into the team!

If you are interested in volunteering in our gardens and being a part of helping this much needed facility to thrive, then head to the volunteering page on our website to fill out an enquiry form, or email



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