L came through to the Housing and Benefit team as a referral from our Family Support team. There had been a relationship breakdown in the family home and L was now homeless and sofa surfing.

L had recently been diagnosed with autism and ADHD at the age of 28, he was struggling to come to terms with his diagnosis and was seeking support from Daisy Chain with this.

We continued to contact L to check on his wellbeing and through these conversations we were able to offer support in the way of advice to help L navigate the process for renting a property and understanding his responsibilities as a tenant. The information provided empowered L to apply for a property.

L was offered a house/ tenancy of his own in an area that was familiar to him and at that point we managed to secure grants for decorating and carpets as part of the package that he received from his landlord.

L also had a PIP form that he had been putting off completing and the deadline to return the form was nearing. We offered L an appointment at a doctor’s surgery local to where he lived to support him with the PIP form and L agreed to the support.

During the time we worked with L he became more engaged and his confidence in dealing with situations grew; he secured a full-time job which was great for his self esteem and confidence. For L, having someone to guide him through processes that were new to him was key in him moving forward.



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