Dear fellow businesses and organisations,

We write this letter as an urgent plea for employers across the North East to recognise the enormous contribution autistic people can make to the workplace and help us to break down the barriers they face.

There has always been significant disparity in the employment rates for autistic adults, with only 22 percent being in employment despite 77 percent of unemployed autistic adults reporting they’d like to work. Sadly, these statistics are only likely to get worse as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

With the threat of job loss, huge changes in routine, working from home, furlough and constant uncertainty and disruption – those autistic individuals who have been fortunate enough to find employment suddenly find themselves in an unprecedented situation that poses a risk to both their mental health and wellbeing and also job security.

Many employers don’t even realise that it is highly likely they employ at least one autistic individual. We must all do everything we can to be socially responsible employers by protecting, supporting and empowering our neurodiverse colleagues.

Autistic employees bring a range of valuable and sometimes exceptional skills to the workplace. However, neurodiverse individuals can often be disadvantaged at work due to a lack of awareness and support from their co-workers and managers.

So, let us ask you …

  • Do you have a full understanding of autism and the impact the pandemic will be having on your autistic employees?


  • Have you used this understanding to make personalised, reasonable adjustments for your autistic employees?


  • Are you confident that your approach to the pandemic has been supportive towards the wellbeing of your autistic employees?

If your answer to any of the above questions is no then we implore you to make a change.

Thanks to support from the players of People’s Postcode Lottery, Daisy Chain is offering FREE virtual training to employers to help you support your autistic colleagues during this unprecedented time.

Work with us to break down barriers, celebrate diversity and promote inclusivity.

To book your place on our course simply email:

Let autism talent shine

Thank you

Daisy Chain


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