With the cost of living crisis meaning there are many people struggling to make ends meet this Winter, Teesside-based charity, Daisy Chain is supporting over 80 families across the Tees Valley to put food on the table on Christmas Day.

The organisation has taken steps to make sure it can provide essential support to some of the most marginalised people in the region, families who can end up locked out of festive celebrations due to different support needs.

CEO Neeraj Sharma said: “For families with neurodivergent children and young people, sensory needs relating to food can result in a higher food bill as these needs are balanced alongside other members of the household.

“As a result, the costs of Christmas can become astronomical, resulting in added stress and strain. We’re pleased to be able to provide this initiative but saddened by the extent of the emerging need. In less than an hour, slots for the availability of 50 hampers we had funding for were full, and on this basis, we went out to corporate supporters so that we could provide for the full level of need.

“This initiative wouldn’t have been possible without County Durham Community Foundation’s Poverty Hurts funding, and additional support from North Star Housing, Endeavour Law, Aircon Group and Tesco Extra Stockton.”

The hampers include all of the essentials needed to make a Christmas dinner, including a joint of meat, vegetables and a dessert. Staff and volunteers from Daisy Chain are working to create the hampers and will deliver them during Christmas week.

Daisy Chain is passionate about supporting autistic and neurodivergent children, young people, adults and families and the changing world around them. To find out more about the organisation’s work visit www.daisychainproject.co.uk



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