Global company Cummins has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Daisy Chain – and that commitment has now been officially recognised.

Cummins in Stockton and Darlington, part of a worldwide organisation, has been awarded a Global Impact Award for the sustainability of the partnership with Daisy Chain which has been ongoing for more than a decade.

Cummins has supported Daisy Chain in a huge variety of ways including helping to establish the wetlands area and sensory play gardens at the autism support charity’s Norton farm site and volunteering as well as working with staff to offer training.

Every year Cummins leadership recognise some community projects from around the world for the impact they have had on their community, taking into account their core values of diversity and inclusion, caring, teamwork and sustainability while meeting the strategic goals for Corporate Responsibility – Community Needs, Social Justice, Education and Environment.

This year (2019) the Leadership awarded Cummins Stockton and Daisy Chain with both a European Business Impact Award and then a Cummins Global Impact Award 2018. As well as recognising the contributions of the Cummins employees involved with Daisy Chain, there was also a monetary award given to Daisy Chain to be spent as the charity feels is most appropriate.

Cummins has been working with Daisy Chain staff at the charity’s retail Superstore on Portrack Lane in Stockton to help begin to streamline the process of dealing with donations from back door to shop floor.

To help improve these processes, Cummins felt their Value Stream Transformation and Continuous Improvement training package would be of benefit to the staff at the store. To this end they called on the talents of Cummins Global Operations Excellence Director, Mark Cyngier, to take Daisy Chain staff through the training process and enable them to apply strategies to identify the difficulties they had been experiencing and give them the tools to resolve them.

Dominic Coles, Europe & Global Enterprise Excellence Leader at Cummins Business Services introduced the warehousing processes training along with Neeraj Sharma, Daisy Chain Chief Executive and Mark Cyngier, Global Operations Excellence Director, who was delivering the training.

Dominic said, ‘Over the years of working with Daisy Chain we have seen real benefits to both organisations. It is important to us to support the communities in which we work and use our skills and experiences to help growth, innovation and change.’

Neeraj added, ‘I want to thank Cummins for the investment they have made in Daisy Chain over the years which has helped get us to where we are today. It allows us to support some of the most vulnerable and marginalised families in our community.’

Staff at the Daisy Chain Superstore are implementing new procedures and will continue to work with Cummins to assess new ways of working.


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