Daisy Chain is a winner once again thanks to players of People’s Postcode Lottery pledging support to the autism support charity in 2019.

An award of £350,000 has been given to Daisy Chain and brings the total awarded by players of People’s Postcode Lottery to almost two million pounds over the last ten years to fund the fantastic work the charity does with families and individuals affected by autism.

This year £100,000 of the award is specifically designated to to combat the loneliness and isolation that many young adults with autism experience. Daisy Chain has identified that lack of employment can contribute significantly to increased loneliness and isolation.

With the support of Daisy Chain’s specialist employability team, individuals with autism will be supported to gain confidence, reduce anxiety levels and acquire work based skills to overcome engagement and inclusion barriers.

Neeraj Sharma, Daisy Chain’s new chief executive, said, “Daisy Chain is a local charity with a fantastic reputation for working with families and individuals affected by autism in the Tees Valley. We rely on the generosity of supporters like players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

“This funding is vital for us to continue to offer our holistic services to families and individuals who depend on us to provide qualified guidance and support. We are experiencing an unprecedented demand for our services and having this funding allows us to plan how we can grow, develop and deliver services which fully meet the needs of those affected by autism within the Tees Valley.

“It’s also vitally important that we are able to tackle issues of loneliness and isolation in young adults who can struggle without the support they need to interact socially and work as a team which in turn moves them into or closer to employment. Our specifically tailored and accredited employability course and supported work placements for adults offers a holistic approach to bridge the gap in provision during the transition to adulthood and addresses the loneliness and isolation they can face as a result of not working.

“We cannot thank players of People’s Postcode Lottery enough for continuing to support the essential needs of families and individuals living with autism.”

Hazel Johnstone from the charities team at People’s Postcode Lottery said: “It’s so encouraging to hear about Daisy Chain’s projects this year to help children, young people and their families living with autism. I’m very proud that players of People’s Postcode Lottery have been supporting the charity for the past ten years, which is an amazing milestone enabling Daisy Chain to grow, develop and achieve much more for families living with autism in the Teesside area.”

For more information on People’s Postcode Lottery, visit their website.


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