Two decades of innovation, empowerment and passion certainly deserves some celebration. Over the past 6 months we’ve been working hard behind the scenes with Better Brand Agency, to mark our 20th Birthday by updating our branding. We hope you love it as much as we do.

What does each element mean?

It’s the daisy you all know and love, but with a modern twist, filled with a spectrum of colours. The text is a mixture of font you’d expect, and letters that are unique, just like the amazing neurodiverse community. Without the unique letters, the logo doesn’t work – a representation of the diverse world we live in.

Each unique letter contains a link of some kind, representing the chain of support we’ve spent 20 years building, and continue to develop.

You can watch a video explaining the journey to the new logo here. It’s designed to be different, to make you look twice and challenge perceptions.

Why now?

Our 20th year is a huge milestone, and we’ve grown a lot since we were first founded in 2003. Initially launched as a community initiative for autistic children and young people, we have evolved significantly, and now also provide support for adults. From our 5.5-acre day centre site to community outreach services across the Tees Valley and telephone and virtual support nationally, we’ve got so much to offer and it was time our brand grew with us too.

As the voice for autism and neurodiversity on the national stage, we’re trusted thought leaders. Across education, business, local authority and care, we increase understanding and raise acceptance. For individuals, we promote independence, allowing them to flourish and live their most authentic lives.

We’re changing the world, not the person; releasing and realising potential; breaking down barriers to create a world of opportunities for every kind of mind.

What changes can you expect to see?

Some things will change straight away, like our social media, website and main signage on site, and some things will switch over time. We’ll keep you updated, and if you’re registered with us you’ll likely get an email detailing any larger changes.

If you notice our old logo pops up every now and again, don’t worry. We’re working on it!

We understand that change can sometimes be challenging for our children, young people and adults and that’s why we’ve put things in place organisation-wide to support with this. Many of our beneficiaries and families have been aware of this change for a few weeks now.

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Social story 1
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If you’ve got any questions, please email and the team will get back to you.



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