When young Liam Thurbron wanted to sponsor one of Daisy Chain’s animals his mum knew it would be something unusual he chose.

And she was right – there was only one choice for 8-year-old Liam – Eddie the Skunk.

‘None of our family and friends was surprised at Liam’s unusual choice – that’s typical Liam,’ Hannah laughs.

‘He thinks Eddie is brilliant and although he is not often seen outside, he is usually coaxed out with a bit of meat and Liam loves seeing him.’

From only £5 a month, you can make a difference and help us to care for our animals in our farm and allow us to continue providing a unique learning opportunity for our children.

The family from Hartlepool regularly visit Daisy Chain on Saturday Activity Days and also on the special visit day for families who sponsor an animal.

‘Liam loves visiting Daisy Chain because everyone is accepting and understanding and the day is tailored to what he wants to do. He loves seeing Eddie and is always asking the barn staff to feed him so he will come out.’

Liam was diagnosed with autism, ADHD and sensory processing disorder when he was six. Although Hannah had no idea when he was younger, she began noticing issues arising when he reached two years old. ‘Liam was finding it difficult to cope with going outside and going to different places and as he got older this became more and more apparent. He would have a meltdown because he was so anxious and it was a physical struggle with him.

‘Liam has no social awareness, particularly of age ranges so he doesn’t understand the difference between an adult and a child also he has no sense of danger which is very worrying.

‘But he very much wants to be social. He gets upset and frustrated when he is on his own but he finds it really hard to make friends, he needs adult intervention to interact with his peers. He loves the family days at Daisy Chain because he can be himself and enjoy all the activities and facilities among people who understand and don’t judge.’

Hannah saw the information about how to sponsor a Daisy Chain animal on one visit and asked if Liam would like to sponsor one. ‘He immediately said it had to be Eddie the Skunk. He was absolutely delighted when he got a birthday card from him though it took me a while to work out who Eddie was and why he was sending Liam a birthday card,’ she smiles.

And Liam says, ‘I call him a Stunk and he is very fluffy and cheeky!’

Sponsor an animal with Daisy Chain and you will receive:

  • An adoption certificate and welcome pack
  • A photo of your chosen animal
  • Birthday and Christmas cards from your new friend
  • Two opportunities to visit your animal throughout the year
  • Your name displayed on our designated sponsor board in the barn
  • An e-newsletter to keep you updated with the goings on at the farm

How your sponsorship helps

At Daisy Chain, we believe animals are a great tool to encourage interaction and stimulation for children affected by autism, many of whom struggle to develop relationships, even with members of their own families.

We desperately need to increase our funding to meet the all year round demands on animal care services. Feeding, keeping our animals healthy and caring for them is important to us. Your sponsorship goes toward the costs of feed, husbandry and veterinary care for one of our animals.

Sponsor an animal now on our website.


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