An emerging circular fashion brand, born out of a charity initiative to tackle post-consumer fashion waste, will breathe new life into the fashion world when it hits the runway at London Fashion Week 2024.

Neuthread was founded in the industrially renowned Teesside area of England by charity Daisy Chain, pioneered thanks to funding from The National Lottery Community Fund, the largest community funder in the UK.

The initiative reuses existing fibres and textiles destined for landfill, providing trendsetters with unique, high fashion items at a time where it is estimated that 64 per cent of the 32 billion garments produced for the fashion industry go to waste each year.

Neuthread’s breakout invite only show at London Fashion Week will take place on Monday, February 19.

Creative Director and Daisy Chain CEO Neeraj Sharma and Design and Corporate Manager Cara Baumann work jointly on the project with respect of brand designs.

Neeraj and Cara have been taken aback by both the willingness of the fashion industry and luxury fashion houses to provide this community initiative with an opportunity to showcase at one of the most prestigious shows in the fashion calendar – and collaborate with its ongoing work.

Having joined the project as volunteers in addition to their roles within the charity, Neeraj and Cara are hopeful the project is the start of something much bigger.

Neeraj said: “We operate a circular economy and are proud to have a fashion brand that utilises our waste retail textiles and transforms them into something incredible.

“We are unique in that we repurpose in this way, and to be making such a difference from our home in the North-East is exceptionally exciting. We can’t wait to showcase Neuthread at London Fashion Week – the concept is game-changing.”

Neuthread hopes the worldwide platform brought about by appearing in the capital in February will lead to further funding to expand.

Cara said: “A second phase of funding would be monumental for Neuthread and for the work we do to support autistic and neurodivergent people.

“What started as a sustainability and community-driven slow fashion brand has gathered more and more momentum, and to be now heading to London Fashion Week is a dream come true.

“When we reached out to the British Fashion Council and showed them our designs, we were hopeful they would see the importance of the project and support us. When they told us they’d love for us to be part of London Fashion Week, and we were honestly blown away.

“They’ve supported our registration and recognise that we couldn’t have done it without the support of National Lottery players and Teesside-based community charity, PFC Trust.”

Neeraj added: “This is a unique opportunity – our Billy Elliot moment. This event is monumental for the North-East region, putting the spotlight on a grassroots fashion brand that is standing shoulder-to-shoulder with big industry names with pride.

“We need further funding beyond June 2024 to carry this project forward. We’re bringing production and manufacturing back to the region, contributing to the rise of a green revolution.

“Not only that, all profits are ploughed back into our frontline services – we are determined to succeed.”

The project has also been backed by global industry specialist, Lucy London. The London College of Contemporary Art has engaged students and staff to support the show’s coordination and administration.

Lucy said: “My role as ambassador to Neuthread was born out of my closeness to the Daisy Chain charity’s objectives, autism, and sustainable fashion solutions.

“As a fashion industry professional and a global academic lead, the last 30 years of industry and international education created a pathway for me and Neuthread to work together.

“I have been happy to draw on my wealth of resources in the way of actioning the amazing opportunity of the LFW show, student involvement and show management.”

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