When the grandparents of a child who has autism decided to get married after 28 years they decided against presents.

Instead John and Elizabeth, whose six-year-old granddaughter Lily, attends Daisy Chain, decided to ask for donations instead of presents so they could help support the services offered.

Lily, her older brother Lewis, seven, mum Amanda and dad Jamie all attend Daisy Chain and are particularly grateful for the monthly sessions for children with high needs.

Grandad John laughs, ‘We’ve been together for 28 years, life just got in the way of us getting married. Then when we did plan to get married we knew we didn’t need 28 toasters. We thought a donation for charity would be better.’ Together the couple handed over £200 to Daisy Chain.

‘It’s great to support Daisy Chain because we know Lily and Lewis love it and it offers so much support.’


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