If you’re looking for a unique Easter present for someone who loves creatures great and small, the animal sponsorship programme provided by Daisy Chain could be just the thing.

The ‘Sponsor an Animal’ campaign is aimed at supporting the charity’s animal care service provision which delivers interaction and stimulation for youngsters affected by autism, helping to enrich their lives.

“We have to provide year-round feed, husbandry and veterinary care for our animals,” said Michelle Woolams, farm services co-ordinator. “Children can hold animals in the petting barn, get involved in feeding and grooming them as well as making sure their pens and living environments are kept tidy.”

People with autism often have difficulty in forming relationships, even with members of their own family. However it has been shown that they often find it easier to relate to animals.

Sponsorship costs from just £5 per month with a wide range of animals you can choose to help – from the new Spring lambs up to alpacas. In return you will get:

  • An adoption certificate and welcome pack
  • A photo of your chosen animal
  • Birthday and Christmas cards from your new friend
  • Two opportunities a year to visit your animal
  • Your names on a designated sponsor board in the barn
  • An e-newsletter to keep you posted on all developments at the farm

Find out more on our Sponsor an animal page.


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