From 26th March – 2nd April 2018, we’re asking everyone across the Tees Valley to help us raise awareness for World Autism Awareness Week.

Here at Daisy Chain, we’d love you all to take this opportunity to help us to raise awareness and understanding of autism and the difficulties our children and families face on a daily basis.

From displaying one of our posters to donating £5 by texting DAISY to 70660, you can help us to continue our work not only to tell everyone about autism, but to help people understand it too.

What is autism?

Autism is a lifelong developmental disability, sometimes referred to as an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) which affects the way in which a person communicates & relates to people around them.

People with autism share three main areas of difficulty (social communication, social interaction & social imagination) which are measured on a “spectrum” but their condition will affect them in very different ways. For instance, some people are able to live relatively normal lives, whilst others will require a lifetime of specialist support.

Identifying that a person has autism can sometimes be difficult, as people with the condition do not “look” disabled. Therefore, parents of children with autism often say that other people simply think their child is naughty, while adults with ASD believe they are misunderstood.

Everyone with autism can benefit from a timely diagnosis and access to appropriate services and support.

For more information about autism, visit our About Autism section on our website.

How can I help?

Simply download our World Autism Awareness Week poster to display in your office, school, community centre, shop – anywhere you are able to! You could even go one step further and display some of our information leaflets, include a blog on your website/social media pages or even have it as a discussion topic in your next staff meeting – contact our Fundraising Team if you require additional promotional materials.

The more people know about autism, the better the support our families can receive in their day to day lives.


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