A Mum, whose family lives in the Tees Valley, attended one of our Darlington peer support drop-ins and was desperately seeking support for her son’s behavioural challenges.

Mum was upset during the drop-in as she felt overwhelmed and said she had a lack of understanding about neurodivergence and didn’t know what support was available to her and her family. Some of the main challenges she was facing were strategies to support her son with his sensory needs, speech and language and understanding his forms of communication.

Our experienced family support team helped the family in a number of ways including:

Supporting with speech and language strategies such as limiting language and using visuals to ease frustrations.
Keeping activities and games very short to keep focus and concentration.
Sensory regulation strategies including considering the impact of his environment on his behaviour and how it can stimulate or distress. Sensory aids were utilised including ear defenders, a trampoline and a scooter.
Recognising when Mum is overwhelmed and taking a few minutes to leave the room or go outside when things are becoming too much.

We also suggested that she attended some of our parent learning workshops so that she could develop and strengthen her understanding.

Following the support she received, Mum said she felt so much more supported, feels more confident with her parenting abilities and feels she understands her son’s needs much better. She also feels her patience has improved which has positively impacted the whole family.



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