Nathan Sherratt – Trustee

Nathan is the Managing Director of his own business, set up in 2019 to support referees and sports officials facing challenges relating to their Mental Health and wellbeing. Nathan also aids the development of match officials to improve performance and achieve promotions up the refereeing ladder.

His role has also led to him having opportunities to help those in education and corporate business to work through pressures from peers, workload, and in their personal lives so that workforces and students gain the results that they need to see, whilst living happier and healthier lives.

Nathan is very proud to be the first ever Trustee on the board at Daisy Chain to be autistic and hopes that the alternative perspective he can offer as a result of this will enhance the quality of governance that the board can offer.

Nathan is an active football referee in the semi-professional game and he enjoys the challenge of officiating high quality football matches as well as enjoying being an active participant in the game.

Away from football, Nathan is a keen golfer and avid cricket fan, who also enjoys walking in the countryside to relax, recharge, unwind and get away from some of responsibilities of his roles.


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