Neeraj Sharma

Chief Executive


Neeraj joined Daisy Chain in 2019, and as CEO he pursues innovative ways to generate income in order to provide vital services to some of the most marginalised people regionally and nationally. Adopting a beneficiary-focused approach, he develops strategy to support delivery and champions inclusivity in services, working to level the playing field for autistic and neurodiverse people.

Previously, he worked for Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB), Darlington in 2010, where he began as a legal representative and was eventually appointed CEO. When he joined CAB, it was set for closure, and he transformed it into a very successful company that was thriving upon his departure.

In 2022, Neeraj was shortlisted for Charity Leader of the Year at the North East Charity Awards.

In 2023, Neeraj was awarded Most Supportive CEO at the Charity Retail Association Awards.

(L-R) 1st Waste Management, Neeraj and Jen (Charity Shop Girl)


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